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  1. Problem solved :-) 1. 1piece adapter from Aliexpress 2. rifloir un peu adapter - ajuster diamétre intérieur 3. 1 old saddle bar given in bycicle shop for free 4. double layer adhesive to prevent rotating the bar,searchweb201602_1_116_10065_117_10068_114_115_113_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10060_10061_10062_10056_10055_10054_10059_10099_10078_10079_427_10103_10073_10102_10096_10052_10050_10051,searchweb201603_9,afswitch_2&btsid=b94f23a2-54cc-4c76-8de3-1bb5749096f4 5. couper la barre 6. bouchons Product properties: 28 7. rifloir+papierémeri, clean the horizontal saddle bar 8. couleur noir spray --->black bar 9. rifloir un peu bouchons plastique 10. put any universal holder 11. something like this (pour que les commotions au cours de voyage ne produirons pas levier grande et ne tourneron la torche pas) - did not arrive yet
  2. Hi, today I created another positon. The lower was too low, the higher was too high. Vrille: 7mm et l'un plus grande pour fraisure
  3. Hi I have e-twow booster. I watch whats new every day and came to this on monday. The Pro model with free shipment was gone in several minutes :-( it was so quick, Now they have it but +$150 which still would look not so bad if we know they manage to start the factory.... based on the model I have it seems realistic but it is Crowfunding systém, i.e. great risk of whether they finally produce it. The Standard model seems comparable to our Booster, while Pro model looks with 40 km/h and 3x bigger Wattage as a charm. They have just prototypes. What do you think :-) Pardon me, I realize it may belong to separate category but I compare it to the model I have already. Still it looks like the Mini model is available with free delivery but I do not like the small whells, even my Booster has sometimes a bit troble at the wavy road.
  4. Filip006

    Charger Wall Holder

    Hi, Just a little hint to hang the charger for the trotinette
  5. Hi, I appologise for writing in English since French is a bit hard and slow for me to read and write and there is anywhere such a good forum with so many investigative people that here. (and in Russian language which is hard for me to read as well ) I would like to share a few tips I have come across: Despite I am a bit afraid at rough surface, I find this very useful and versatile :-) It is crazy I have many flashlight holders but none for verctical 35mm bar. I searched for a long time and found this: but I still wait for it to be deliverd. Then I plan to get and insert some vertical bar for flashlight holders. I hope it will fit. I also found this considering to ask someone to weld a bar onto it, but this cannot be inserted directly and the stirring rod would have to be dismounted. Did you discover some way how to install a horizontal "kiddy bar" - for a bag, flashlight, addditional battery.... and so on Best Regards Filip
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