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  1. IP65 or put PVC/Urethane glue into the wire holes can 100% rely on water to kill your e-scooter stone dead ...if water gets in it will be too late to save it after 1 or 2 days ...corrosion & electricity are good friends.
  2. Demande de conseils

    TNE U4-V4 + ...US$610 + shipping alibaba
  3. Conseil premier achat trottinette - merci !

    TNE U4-V4 Plus ...10 inch TUBELESS tyres, 1300Watt x 2 motors, 26Ah battery, 250kg max load for if you get fat like a pig ...there an agent or 2 in France ...US$610 plus shipping on alibaba ...and you will be very healthy carrying 35kg weight onto train/subway ...downloading a handbook might be a problem, maybe an agent can help.
  4. Panne : e-micro One qui ne charge plus

    Hello to the euro Troglodytes from NZ/AU, mmm, it might not have gone to sleep if you had stored the scooter with a 40 to 50% "storage charge" expert might be able to wake-up your tiny LiPo battery by tickling it with a few volts and yes you are 100% correct, the emicro One X1 & X2 are now already stone-age technology & nowadays completely worthless old crap l bought a very expensive emicro One immediately vibrated itself into bits & pieces, ggrrr ...then it filled up with water & cooked the battery/controller, ggrrr ...then my shrieks of rage upon discovering a top-secret battery upgrade/more waterproof upgrade called the emicro One X2 had replaced my expensive, but suddenly worthless e-scooter (now designated X1) were met with spoon-fed bullshit from my Micro Headquarters agent, ggrrr The "good news" is that when my emicro One (X1) returned from another city with its Warranty Repairs completed, it had magically transformed itself into the Micro Headquarters old demonstrator emicro One X2 e-scooter complete with a different serial number ...and l said nothing because it was "still working" & in 100% better condition than the pile of rubbish that was kidnapped from me & shipped to another city for repairs l also own a micro Suspension adult scooter & a emicro CONDOR, that's a story for another day, lol lt is always about the money & when you/we spend our BIG MONEY for these toys, don't expect to get a single penny back out again later on l have purchased a minimotors Dualtron 3 & it is being shipped to me extreme BIG toy, hehehe! l am a researcher & in my opinion the best deal today is the chinese TNE U4-V4 Plus on alibaba US$610 & shipping ...1300W x 2 motors, 52V 26Ah battery, 10 inch TUBELESS tyres, 250kg max load, 35kg weight ...and the TNE U4-V3 Plus on alibaba US$396 & shipping ...1300W motor, 52V 18Ah battery, 10 inch TUBELESS tyres, 250kg max load. The TNE electric scooter CHINA story is very, verrrry interesting, that also is a story for another day, hehehe!