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  1. Etwow Booster S2 - Potence plié/cassé

    Hi, Same problem. 2018 booster 36V 7,5ah model. My weight 80kg. Ran over 2000km. Broke when was breaking max with motor + force on rear wheel (then steering bar gets most load). You can see oxidated aluminium near hole for wire, so it got crack earlier. Its a design flaw of all 2018 and earlier e-twows. The collar (which fastens steering bar) in 2019 models is larger and mounts over the hole for wire on steering bar. I know one more guy who has same situation. Attaching photos. Drive safely. My recommentations would be to reinforce that place with collar from 2019 booster models, or any third party, because It has the highest change to break, when you on extreme situation and max breaking is needes. Luckily myself avoided any larger injuries.