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2 résultats trouvés

  1. Problème total es4

    Bonsoir, ‘je suis possesseur d’une magnifique ninebot es4 mais j’ai un problème depuis que je l’ai démonter pour changer la batterie interne je n’ai plus le logo Bluetooth et plus moyen de le faire fonctionner et ce n’es pas que le logo c’est tout le Bluetooth qui as lâché je ne sais plus donc faire de mise à jour ni rien parceque mon app ne la reconnais plus ... j’ai aussi les led qui ne s’allume plus c’est certainement reactivable par l’appli aidez moi svp
  2. Excellent product, but shift to next-gen features needed to stay ahead of the pack? (Product purchased: September 2017 from a French vendor) OVERALL: I’m very happy with the ride and experience as a first-timer to electric scooters. Anything I’ve outlined below is to help others make a choice and/or send on some ideas to the designers they’ve probably already thought of. Best, Tob Real issues with build quality: 1) The rear brake / mudguard, which is plastic, was slightly warped out of the box, which is a shame as that’s probably a shipping/boxing problem, I’m guessing? Takes a second longer to click home the scooter into its folded position for this reason. A shame, but not a deal breaker. eTWOW designers: if you plan on keeping this back brake arrangement, reinforce the plastic or switch to a metal composite or some such for better alignment (see point on Back Brake below). 2) As commented online, the regenerative brake feature does not work out of box. This is sloppy and will disappoint people who try to turn this feature on when they buy the product. eTWOW designers: remove the feature altogether or make it work as intended. 3) Air bubbles in non-slip cover. This is a roll-on, sticky cover that gives you a non-slip surface. I suspect it’s rolled on by hand, so the potential for air bubbles is there (like wallpaper). Takes away from the overall very solid build quality of the product. eTWOW designers: automate how you get this onto the deck of the scooter OR switch to a plate that is bolted on. Features that work flawlessly - Locking of handlebars on or off - Locking of tube leading to handlebars - Front and back suspension – no issues over the bumps - Auto front & back lights - Folding / unfolding (but could be better as requires foot force and a bit of practice) - Zero-start safety – prevents accidental starting of the scooter General comments, suggest improvements 1) Speed / Acceleration Runs at 27kph on perfect flat ground (I weigh 80k, so I'm riding nearer 85k with clothes and backpack). Any bumps will knock that back immediately to 23-26kph so best used on cycle lanes, good footpaths, etc. Max speed on downhill (limited I presume): 30kph I read E-TWOW had smoothed the acceleration curve on the 2017 model and it certainly is that, but there were occasions when I would have liked to switch to a ‘Sport’ mode and get more torque immediately, e.g. I have a long, straight road in front of me and I just want to get to 27kph as soon as possible. Perhaps a dedicated boost button? On the other hand, in traffic (= pedestrian traffic, I don’t use the scooter on roads), that smooth acceleration keeps you out of danger of running into people by mistake, so the compromise is good. A few different modes and everybody’s happy :-) eTWOW designers: look at usage modes and/or dedicated performance/boost button. 2) Front brake / engine brake This is activated with the left lever on the handlebars and functions reasonably well. However, it is not enough to expect this brake to slow you down very quickly if: 1) you’re at top speed or 2) on a downhill slope of any incline. For the same reason, you can’t always lock the scooter in a braked position using the brake alone when you need to come to a complete standstill. The scooter will slowly roll down a hill even with the brake fully applied – you need to hop off or apply the back brake at the same time. eTWOW designers: increase braking strength, but above all, transition to a full back brake! 3) Back brake Mirroring the design of conventional kick scooters, we have here a mudguard/back brake activated with the rear foot on the scooter deck. For me, this is a thing of the past and will soon (I hope) be designed out. The competition has already moved to two electronic/pneumatic brakes activated from the handlebars and this system is much more preferable. I almost opted to buy a competitor scooter for this reason, but the eTWOW was lighter and cheaper by some margin. It was a close call! Most of the parts on a conventional scooter are mechanical, so a kick brake works fine...but is completely inappropriate when you're cruising along at 30kph. Your feet should be firmly on the deck, nowhere else, in my view. eTWOW designers: switch to a standard mudguard and add a dedicated back brake, technology choice is up to you. 4) Transporting Fully folded, the natural balance midpoint of the scooter falls around the 2 fixing bolts ‘where the coloured tube meets the black plastic’. This is not the centre point by distance (because scooter is front-heavy), but that’s fine except that there’s a squared off black block here too, with hard edges. Bottom line: this hurts your hand after only a few minutes carrying, which is a shame (the 10.5kg would be OK if not for this issue) eTWOW designers: add a dedicated grip for carrying – I know there’s a strapping product out there, but that’s a fudge, not a proper carrying handle. Colour (my model: metallic blue) Darker than shown on the photos, which is actually a relief! It looks very garish on the Amazon photos. The real colour is more like a metallic blue you would see on cars. Very nice. I assume the red version is the same, anyone confirm?