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E-Twow Monster Booster - Differences of models

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My name is Dominik and I am from Vienna (Austria).

I hope that it is no problem that I write in English, because my French is very bad.



I am looking for a new E-Scooter (my first) and have an eye on the E-Twow Monster. While researching I got confused about the various models E-twow offers for the Monster:


  • Comfort Verison (2019??) --> seen on
    • 10.5 AH  --> € 1.249,-
    • 14 AH --> € 1.449,-
  • Evolution Version (2018??) --> seen on
    • 10.5 AH  --> € 1.099,-
    • 14 AH  --> € 1.299,-
  • V2 2019 (same as Comfort??)  --> seen on 
    • 10.5 AH --> € 969,-
    • 14 AH --> € 1.250,-
  • BI Monster --> seen on
    • 21 AH --> € 2.250
    • = too expensive for me (just listed for information purposes)


I read my way through the internet and found out, that there were recently some new changes in the monster booster:

  1. new and improved controller
  2. new and improved coding
  3. improved breaking systems (magnetic; should now be half of the way than before)
    1. very important to me!
  4. flashing back lights
  5. more accurate display of battery status


So my question is which of the above models have these new changes and what are the differences in particular between these models (especially Comfort vs V2 2019)?


If it is easier for you two answer in French --> no problem, i will translate it myself.

I am appreciating every of your answers and thank you in advance!


Best regards from Vienna,


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